01.09.2017 Business visit of a representative of LLC Renaissance Heavy Industries, Turkey

A representative of LLC Renaissance Heavy Industries, Turkey,  Mr. Orunbay Rahmanov arrived to our Certification Centre with a business purpose.

11.08.2017 Sharing experiences with the Head Qualification and Certification Centre of the Republic of Bashkortostan

Our centre has been visited by the Head of LLC Head Qualification and Certification Centre of the Republic of Bashkortostan Mr. Valery V. Atroshchenko who highly rated the quality of services and equipment of the centre. Our personnel have also shared their experience of teamwork.

Congratulations on the 70th anniversary of Aleksandr V. Gerokaris!

Congratulations on the 70th anniversary of our dear colleague Aleksandr V. Gerokaris! Aleksandr Gerokaris got in on the ground floor of our company. For 13 years he has been sharing his energy, knowledge, skills and experience and teaching us all.
Due to Aleksandr's contribution today our company is recognized as the best one in SRO NP NAKS system. Please accept our heartfelt thanks and warmest regards! We wish you good health, happiness, success in your work and many happy returns of the day!

25.07.17  Arrival of Chief Welders of OAO AK Transneft and AO Chernomortransneft

Chief welders of OAO AK Transneft Mr. Oleg Philippov and AO Chernomortransneft Mr. Vladimir Butov have visited YUR-3GATS.

25th Anniversary Congress of SRO NP NAKS from 13.06 to 15.06

Business visit of Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation Ms. Lyubov Eltsova

On the 16th of May the Southern Regional Head Certification Centre  No.3 NAKC, Krasnodar was visited by Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation Ms. Lyubov Eltsova.

The management of the Centre has given her a tour and demonstrated technical capabilities and  professional skills of company's personnel. During the meeting they have also addressed the organization of independent appraisal of qualifications which is available at LLC YURGATS No.3 NAKS in line with Decree of the Chairman of the Government Mr. Dmitry Medvedev No. 1204 dated November 16, 2016.

In her turn Ms. Eltsova highly rated the organization of  work process and personnel professional skills and wished every success in further development and implementation of the Russian President and Government's program for professional qualifications.

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19.04.17. Arrival of the President of SRO NP NAKS Mr. Nikolay Aleshin and CEO of SRO NP NAKS Mr. Andrey Prilutsky

YUR-3GATS LLC has been visited by the President of SRO NP NAKS Mr. Nikolay P. Aleshin and CEO of SRO NP NAKS Mr. Andrey I. Prilutsky.

Following their visit, the top management of SRO NP NAKS highly rated the level of equipment of the Certification Centre.

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During the period from 5th until 9 of March 2016 there were negotiations between «YURGATS №3 NAKS» LLC and Cryotek ENG S.r.l. in office of Kuban Institute of Welding and Control.

During the arrival of signor Antonio Viviano, it was registered a Research and Production Company “GasTeknoMix”. This company will product welding equipment corresponding to the European standards on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Technical and commercial director of the company “Cryotek Eng” LLC Antonio Viviano held several technical and commercial trainings with the future personnel of the company “GasTeknoMix”. He shared his invaluable experience and described the highly quality required of employees. Signor Viviano also listed principles to be followed by the company's employees in their professional career: willingness to solve problems and to leave directly in places, constant desire to acquire new knowledge, the ability to generate ideas, responsible attitude to their work and personally supervise all stages of production and the components.

It was scheduled return visit of Russian representatives in Italy for mid-May.

Trilateral negotiations between «YUR-3GATS» LLC, Cryotek ENG srl and «Shtorm» LLC.

During the period from 10th until 13th of February 2016 there were trilateral negotiations between «YUR-3GATS» LLC, Cryotek ENG srl and «Shtorm» LLC in office of South Regional Head Certifying Center №3 NAKS. During the negotiations, the following topics were discussed:

1. Organization and development ways of partnership between «YUR-3GATS» LLC and Cryotek ENG srl in sphere of gas mixing equipment of territory of Russian Federation.

2. Organization and development ways of partnership between «YUR-3GATS» LLC and «Shtorm» LLC in sphere of «Shtorm» LLC welding equipment promotion on territory of Krasnodar region.

During the negotiations there were presentations of productions from companies Cryotek ENG srl http://www.cryotek.it/ and «Shtorm» LLC http://www.shtorm-its.ru/

Certification of  «Novorostechflot» LLC welders on 24/25.12.2015

In the period from 24 to 25.12.2015 in our center there was a welding of control-welded joints of hazardous project facility «Steel Bridges Constructions» (the bridge over Kerch Strait) as a practical task during certification of  «Novorostechflot» LLC welders.

21.12.2015-23.12.2015 "SGM-Most" LLC welding production specialists certification

New combined train-car ferry over Kerch Strait must be ready constructed until end of 2018. Total ferry length will be 19 kilometers. Approximate cost is 230 billion rubles. The project may be surely considered as a unique engineering construction.

In view of the grand importance of the project, its uniqueness, complexity of engineering solutions, its realization will be executed with attraction of highly qualified specialist from all around the country.

For the purpose of optimization of necessary technical procedures, our center executed on-site special training and certification of welding production specialists on basis of the submitted request for certification of «SGM-Most» employees.

The candidates for certification attended a short course of theoretical training in accordance with the direction of their production activity, conducted by Ryzhenko I.V., all examinations determined by regulations were passed successfully.

«SGM-Most» expressed its thanks in person of deputy head of technical supervision service Scherbinin I.V. to our center for immediacy and professionalism.

On 23-rd of November 2015 NAKS headquarter conducted a seminar called 

«System of welding production personnel, NDT and mechanical testing personnel facultative certification».

In the context of the meeting were considered the issues for forming of facultative certification system documentation.

Our organization employee Ryzhenko I.V. in accordance with submitted request for certification as expert of certification attended the meeting.

The reports were presented by: Sergey Minaev, senior expert of SRO NPO «NAKS», Romanov Egor deputy head of NAKS expert department, Dr.-Ing., Anatoly Popov, head of NAKS analytical department, member of facultative certification system Coordination Council.

The reporters thanked the participants of the meeting and summarized results of the joint discussions.

 As a results of the seminar and executed by the candidates practical tasks should be issued certificates of compliance, protocols of certification and expert certification booklets in sphere of certification and examination.

Moscow NAKS headquarter conducted on 22-23 of October 2015 a meeting with members of organizations qualification commissions, applied a request for selection to be done by Council of professional qualifications in sphere of welding as centers for qualification.

Our organization was represented by Tyutryumov V.N. , Ryzhenko I.V. , Kleschev D.A. , in accordance with submitted requests for certification as experts in assessment of qualification and technical experts

The candidates executed beforehand practical tasks and submitted developed materials to Council of professional qualifications in sphere of welding.

Issus of development and compilation of documentation of professional qualifications in sphere of welding were considered during the meeting.

In the context of the meeting, there was a conference of Central certification commission of Council of professional qualifications in sphere of welding.

Summary of the meeting and acknowledgment of the participation was announced by NAKS technical director Chuprak A.I.