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   АЦСО-107  at LLC "South regional head certification center №3 NAKS" is recorded in  NAKS  register under АЦСО-107  an certification center of welding equipment in accordance with requirements of RD 03-614-03  (conformity certificate of National certification committee of welding production АЦСО-107, sphere of certification center activity is defined in application to certificate of conformity).

Validity of conformity certificate № АЦСО-107 from 10.09.2014 to 10.09.2017

Types of certified welding equipment: Equipment for arc welding - A; Equipment for gas welding - B: Equipment for contact welding - C; Equipment for welding of polymeric materials - D.

Groups of technical devices: ME (ГДО) - Mining Equipment, GE (ГО) - Gas Equipment, BE (КО) - Boiler Equipment, OGPE (НГДО) - Oil and Gas Production Equipment, OTOG (ОТОГ) - Equipment for dangerous goods transportation, CPOEFE (ОХНВП) - Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil Refining, Explosion and Fire Hazardous Production Equipment, LTE (ПТО) - lfting and transporting equipment, Bs (СК) - Building Structures.

General information about certification of welding equipment.

According to RD 03-614-03 "The order of welding equipment usage procedure at manufacturing, installation, repair and reconstruction of technical devices for hazardous production facilities", approved by Order of Russian Gosgortechnadzor deted 19.06.2003  №102. Certification of welding equipment that uses in the manufacturing, installation, repair and reconstruction of technical devices for hazardous production facilities, is mandatory for organizations and companies of all ownership forms.

Certification of welding equipment is carried out in order to test its abilities to provide the required technical characteristics for different welding processes determining the required quality of welding joints at manufacturing, installation, repair and reconstruction of technical devices used at hazardous production facilities.   

Certification of welding equipment involves the following types of tests:

  • Special, including the completeness check of welding equipment and conformance inspection of general technical characteristics, passport data and GOST requirements, the conformance inspection of welding equipment (WE) to requirements of safety instructions and standard documentation for applicable WE;
  • Practical, including the control and the performances assessment of WE features for particular welding process.

Types of welding equipment certification:

АЦСО-107 carries out the initial, additional, periodic and extraordinary certification of welding equipment.

Initial certification should be carried out for:

  • Previosly not certified welding equipment;
  • Welding equipment that was not previosly by given producer;
  • Imported welding equipment.

Additional certification is carried out for welding equipment that passed the initial certification in cases:

  • Extension of designated area on other groups of technical devices for hazardous production facilities;
  • Extension of designated area for other welding processes;

Periodic certification is performed for validity extension "Certificate" every 3 years (1.5 year for welding equipment that older than 6 years). This type of certification is obligatory for manufacturer (supplier) and for consumer of welding equipment.

Extraordinary certification is performed in case of admission in bodies of Russian Rostechnadzor or NAKS reclamations for certified welding equipment.

Documents to be submitted for certification:

For certification of welding equipment, request form is sent to АЦСО-107  and all necessry documentation in accordance with RD 03-614-03.

In request for certification should be specified:

  • Name of Company (Customer);
  • Legal address
  • The actual of welding equipment test performance;
  • Name of welding equipment, type of equipment;
  • Factory number;
  • Russian Federation certificate of conformity (if available);
  • Certificate issued by the head organization in the industry (if available);
  • Data sheet or operation manual of welding equipment;
  • Data of equipment manufacturing (release date);
  • Date of putting into operation;
  • Invertory number of company customer;
  • Type of welding equipment certification;
  • Welding (fusing) type (method);
  • Group of hazardous technical devices for welding which applies certified welding equipment;
  • Group of welded material;
  • Information about operation conditions (indoors and outdoors);
  • Full Name, position of person in charge (welding production specialist of at least III level of proffessional traning).

The following shall be attached to the request:

  • A copy of the data sheet of the equipment to be certified;
  • A copy of Russian Federation certificate of conformity (if  available);
  • A copy of cerificate issued by the head organization in the industry (if available);
  • Process charts for welded joints to be performed.

On the basis of request and analysis of the submitted documentation, АЦСО-107  appoints a certification committe. Certification committee examines the submitted documents and develops a program of tests based on these submitted documents; performs the welding equipment tests by concrete groups of hazardous technical devices for hazardous production facilities; prepares the protocol of welding equipment tests.

According to the results of certification by NAKS via АЦСО-107 gives to applicant - organization a Certificate of welding equipment attestation.

In certificate, the following is specified:


  • Name of certification customer, his legal address;
  • Code and brand of certified equipment;
  • Factory number;
  • Welding (fusing) type (method);
  • Group of hazardous technical devices at manufacturing, repair and reconstruction where could be used the certified equipment;
  • Validity of Certificate.

The Witness signs the President of NAKS - N.P.Alyoshin.

АЦСО-107 also provides a technical, advisory and tutorial assistance in preparing for welding equipment certification.

List of rquired documents for certification.

For certification of welding equipment, a customer shall provide:

  1. Request of consumer , request of manufacturer;
  2. Data sheet of manufacturer - company that include:
    • purpose and application area of welding equipment ;
    • general technical characteristics of welding equipment;
    • completeness, structure and operating principle of welding equipment;
    • operating instructions with electric, kinematic, pneumatic-hydralic circuits;
    • typical failures and methods of their removal; 
    • safe operation and labor safety instructions.
  3. Russian Federation Certificate of conformity or authorized copies (if available).
  4. The power of attorney for carrying out of certification activities (manufacturers of welding equipment).
  5. Certificate of conformity for the types of welding equipment issued by head industry institute.
  6. Log-book of welding equipment status containing data of welding equipment check and repair, its transfers and check of control and measuring equipment.